Characteristics and Benefits
of Emotional Intelligence

Every human being who develops and cultivates emotional intelligence will have positive behavioural characteristics:

1 .- Recognize their emotional needs, not repress them, managed to express them in an appropriate manner, managed to control their impulses which will allow you to be more reflective when making decisions.

2.- You will find your internal motivation, therefore you will set clear and possible goals, you will not depend on an external motivation to achieve them.

3.- You will put all your effort in the achievement of your objectives, you will be persistent and constant, you will not lose the focus of what you are looking for, in other words, you will know how to manage your frustrations and mistakes

The human being who practices the strengthening of emotional intelligence will obtain in return some vital benefits that will help him to lead a fuller and happier life, being reflected in his family nucleus and at the same time in the community to which this individual belongs.

Benefits of emotional intelligence

1. Increases self-knowledge

Self-knowledge allows us to review our belief and value systems, increase self-esteem, recognize our strengths and weaknesses to make better decisions. All this implies a constant personal growth that translates into a greater inner well-being.

2.- Improve our interpersonal relations

When we feel good about ourselves, relationships with others tend to be of better and higher quality. We have a clear tendency to find solutions and minimize conflicts, skills that are highly valued in the workplace and in every social context.

3.- Strengthens leadership capabilities

The development of the capacities and skills that emotional intelligence provides is indispensable for good leadership. A person who has emotional self-control and develops empathy will always be able to influence and guide others in their development processes.

4.-Increases motivation

When we know how to manage our emotions we understand that “failures” are really learning experiences that we turn into steps to support us and keep moving forward to achieve our goals.

5.- Benefits mental health

By strengthening emotional intelligence, anxiety, stress and even depression tend to lower their symptoms. When we become aware of what we feel, a door opens to look for strategies that help us focus on other emotions that are more conducive to our health.

From the previous approaches we can conclude that developing emotional intelligence is giving oneself the opportunity to grow as a person, find more favorable paths to achieve goals, notably improve interpersonal relationships and all this leads us to live in greater individual and collective well-being.

Fundación Vivir is based on the idea that each and every person we help or educate through emotional intelligence can achieve small changes in their environment by actively participating with kindness, generosity and creativity.

“Because it’s better to live better.”


Vivir Foundation and Emotional Intelligence.