Learn about the Five Principles of Emotional Intelligence

To develop emotional intelligence we have five fundamental principles, three of which correspond to personal skills and two to social skills.

A.- Self-knowledge:

It consists of recognizing the emotion that you are feeling in that moment. When you manage to identify and be aware of the emotions and the feeling that they produce is when you can work on them so that they do not overflow, nor drown you, in this way you avoid falling into situations of greater conflict.

B.- Self-control:

It is managing emotions in order to give answers more in line with the time, place and person to which it corresponds. Here it is important to note that it is about controlling, managing our emotions, at no time can the idea be to hide or not express what we feel.

C,. Self-motivation:

It consists of finding what drives us to perform an action, it is ours for what. When we manage to align emotions with motivations, the goals we have set ourselves are more likely to be achieved.

D.- Empathy:

It is to recognize the emotions and feelings of others, this is possible when we know our own emotional world because it is from there that we can feel, perceive, capture what the other person feels at a given time.

E.- Social skills:

It is the ability to establish good relationships with other people, to interact with them in an assertive manner, which implies knowing how to handle one’s own and other people’s emotions in order to establish interpersonal relationships that are appropriate to the social context.

Enhancing these principles is a conscious and deliberate process that requires constant practice,

At Fundación Vivir we believe in contributing to the education of people in order to strengthen these principles; Families, communities and their individuals can improve their living conditions by collaborating with each other, seeking solutions to individual and common problems.

We want to contribute to bring about change in the trajectory of people’s lives and their communities.

“Because it’s better to live better.”


Living and Emotional Intelligence Foundation