Donations and Promotion
of the Good Use of Masks

Donations of toys, used clothes in good condition, new shoes and mouth masks.

We all have something to give, whether it’s to our community or our family.

We believe that small acts of generosity transform the world for the better. This belief in giving hope a chance is what motivates us to keep working. We want to discover together with the communities the opportunity to give for a cause close to their lives; it’s time to regain that feeling that things can get better.

“Because it’s better to live better.”

With the help of our volunteers and their participation in the beautiful day developed in La Plaza La Candelaria in Caracas, Venezuela on Saturday May 2, 2020 the following activities were carried out:

  • Development and Promotion of Sports Activities.
  • Toy donation.
  • Donation of Used Clothes in Good Condition
  • Donation of new shoes.
  • Donation and Promotion of the Good Use of Masks.