Activity in Plaza La Candelaria
(Caracas • Venezuela)

Educational promotion, execution of cleaning and maintenance of Public Spaces with the integration and help of the community.

We are excited to share with you our first activity of this year developed with the help of volunteers and integrating community members.

No one can do anything for us, if we are not willing to do it for ourselves, it means commitment, it means work. Only by working together with the members of each community can we achieve our vision.

The invincible power of small actions.

“Because it’s better to live better.”

We are especially grateful to all the people who participated in this activity held at La Plaza La Candelaria in Caracas, Venezuela on Saturday, May 2, 2020, and we send a special thanks to the religious community of Our Lady of La Candelaria Church for all their support and collaboration, as well as to the corresponding authorities who allowed the development of the activity by the members of the Foundation.

A wonderful experience of generosity, an educational, sports and public space recovery activity together with the members of the community.